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Not sure yet whether scuba is right for you? Just want to see how it is to breath under water? Try our Discover Scuba Diving Programme.

PADI certifications

We offer the full range of scuba courses from entry level up to scuba instructor.

Be a Specialist

Become a specialist in different techniques and abilities like Dry Suit, Nitrox, Deep Diving, etc.

Firs Aid

It is important to be prepared for emergency situations, whether you dive or not.

Specific Workshops

Take part in our workshops to expand you knowledge and abilities under water as well as at land.

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We want you to have a pleasant stay with us, right from the beginning. You can check all our activities on our website and directly book online.

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PADI Open Water Diver Course

You will learn everything you need to do dives in
Scuba Diving Schools

Infinit Dive

Our project comes from the initiative of a group of diving enthusiasts who seek to teach and offer to the whole world the wonders of underwater life. We have diving experts from PADI, the world’s leading diving training organization.

We want your experience in the world of diving to be unforgettable. For this in the diving school Infinit Dive Madrid we will attend you from the first moment with a personalized treatment. We adapt to the needs of each one of you.

Try Scuba Diving

For those who have never had contact with underwater activities, and have always wanted to know the feeling of breathing underwater, you have the Discover Scuba Diving experience in which you will enjoy the first contact. If this falls short, what will stay, you have at your disposal the possibility of certifying as divers in our diving school.

Become a scuba diver

Your adventure to become a certified diver starts with the PADI Open Water Diver course. Just choose how you’d like to complete your course. You may either sit the theoretical classes in person at our diving school in Madrid or through e-learning, where you set the pace. And once completed, you can enjoy the practices at the coast, mainly in Macaroon and La Azohia (Murcia).

Once you finish your first course, with us you can continue training. We have different level courses, professional courses and technical courses.

Within our training plans, we offer you the possibility of taking courses in other places if you have groups of 4 or more. You could also take courses in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands with an additional supplement.

Start your adventure today
Do not hesitate to start in this exciting world, where you will know the wonders that are hidden under the sea and when this happens you will not want to leave it.

Count on us and our diving school to train you in everything you need to be a true diver. For more information and personalized courses do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.